May 17, 2012

The Girl Who Grew Two-Sizes Too Big

There was a cool Autumn breeze in the air as I walked to my girlfriends house that eventful night. I didn't know what was in store for me, I just knew she had something "special" planned for me. As I arrived at her house and noticed a note taped to the door "Door is unlocked, come on in." I proceeded to walk in and immediately noticed burning candles and the smell of perfume wafting down from the hallway. I slowly followed the candles into the bedroom where I was greeted by my girlfriend in nothing but a sexy see through Teddy, her ample D cups pressed tightly against the fabric, small cut 4 pack of abs clearly showing through the mesh....TO BE CONTINUED

Oct 6, 2011

The return

So I'm back after 3 or so years, yea it's been awhile...hopefully I'll get some new content up and running soon.


Jun 10, 2009

Super Meg

Today I went over to Meg's house, shes this really cool chick who is into muscle growth just like me, however what I didn't realize is that she had discovered a way to grow and was I in for a surprise.

I arrived at Meg's house around 2:00 in the afternoon, when I got there she quickly drug me down to her basement in exasperated excitement, she was babbling about something she bought off the internet, but to tell the truth i had zoned out looking at her slim toned figure. She was wearing a black skirt with a white button up shirt (looked like a catholic school girl) what can I say I'm a guy, you would have been zoning out too if you had seen her.

We arrives at the basement and she grabbed a vial of odd glowing liquid and quickly gulped it down before i could say a word. I thin finally managed to ask what the hell she just drank but she just smiled and told me to enjoy.

Slowly but surely, changes began to occur, first her calves grew taught, veins forcing there way to the surface and quickly spreading upward, like snakes going up trees. within minutes her whole body was a network of veins that looked as if they were pumping and maybe they were, because every time they did she seemed to swell a bit larger.

Meg's calves swelled out into the classic heart, blowing up till they stuck out of her leg like softballs of iron hard muscle, they tapered up to her knees which looked small now as her thighs swell up in her skirt. Muscles bulging and swelling, fighting for room as they expanded outwards. Her thighs became saturated with muscle, rippling and bulging as they now pressed together, her skirt seemed to get smaller since they were now covering thighs each the size of my waist.

soon after her forearms began to swell, growing thicker with every breath. Already i couldn't hope to wrap my hand around one and still they grew, at this point they were about 12" around and i had become a drooling idiot who didn't know what to do.

Meg's biceps began to inflate like balloons, growing thicker by the second, the cuffs of her sleeves were pulled tight as the shoulders joined in on the growth. Biceps had reached the size of baseballs and Meg flexed them as her sleeves strained, with every flex they rose higher and thickened, swelling to the size of softballs her biceps busted the cuffs of her sleeves with a loud "pop", Meg's shoulders were now growing faster, widening and swelling up till they were the size of my head easily. Meg could barely mover her arms because the shoulders were too snug in her shirt so she hit a "most muscular" pose that made her shoulders literally explode out of her shirt and now her traps began to swell up as she held the pose. Rising upward slowly until they brushed her legs began to shake at the sheer size she was becoming.

Meg's chest began to blossom with power, every breath her shirt grew tighter and tighter, buttons were growing taught, gaps were forming between buttons, Megs breasts looked to be at least DDs now as the top button blew off, flying straight across the room...a bit of cleavage was now revealed but instead of soft flowing flesh it was was hard rippling pecs of steel with large breasts set on top of them. At this point the second button flew off, hitting me in the stomach. As I looked back up at Meg she was pec flexing making her now barrel chest dance, as her lats flared out like wings on an angel, and the third and fourth buttons flew off.

Abs began blowing up, her already 6 pack became more defined, Meg quickly ripped her shirt in half with another most muscular pose and stood straight up so that her abs were now on display. each ab swelled to the size of a brick, and then they each divided and grew larger, now Meg had 12 abs each the size of bricks, they barely fit on her torso. they ran below her skirts waistband all the way up to her enormous pecs.

Meg was now larger than any male bodybuilder could hope to be and the look of ecstasy on her face showed she loved it, as she walked over to me I began to shake with nervous excitement, when she reached me she pressed her bulging muscular body against me and gave me a kiss, where upon i feinted. When i woke up Meg was standing over me, the same size she had always been. was it all just a dream?

May 13, 2009

Growth Sample

Subject: Yvette
Height: 5'2
Weight 100lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Day 1: Subject given a dose of ACGS (Accelerated Cellular Growth Serum)
Results: Subject showed some discomfort, but otherwise nothing of note

Day: 1 (Subjects POV)
Day 1 of being a guinea pig, can't say I'm thrilled about doing this but i really needed the money. I haven't been told much, just that i will be given an injection that promotes disease resistance or something like that. Here comes the doctor with the shot. He preps my arm and injects me, then proceeds to leave me alone in the room again. I begin to sweat a little and my arm spasms where i got the injection, but other than that nothing happens.

Day 2: Subject given a more concentrated dose of ACGS
Results: Subject passed out

Day 2 (Subjects POV)
I was given another injection today, that makes the 2nd one I have been given. I still don't know what they are giving me, but i can feel a tightness in my chest and my heart is racing. Oh god i feel like I'm dying, what did these pricks give me. *blackness*

Day 3: Repeat dosage given of ACGS
Results: Noticeable mass increase in subject

Day 3 (Subject's POV)
Another shot, was given. My heart raced and I was hit with uncontrollable muscle spasms. Somehow I managed to stay conscious through the pain and then it hit me, a warm numbing sensation through out my body. It was simply blissful, for a moment I was just at peace, then it was gone. My arms begin to pulse with my heart beat, every pulse seemed like it was inflating my arm....WTF is going on?

Day 4: Final dosage administered
Results: Project to be transferred to top secret status

Day 4 (Subject's POV)
No data recorded

Day 4 (Classified Report)
Shot was administered to subject, after 10 minutes subject lapsed into seizure. Accelerated growth occured during seizure, subject's arms grew from 13 inches to 18 inches in a matter of seconds, it was like watching a balloon being inflated, only it was a ball of muscle, the skin stretched so tight it even looked like two balls had formed...never seen anything like that before.
Forearms grew from 8 inches to 14 inches, her small feminine delts expanded and swelled, muscles piling upon muscle until they looked like a freakish maze of thick muscle and veins the size of soccer-balls, but that wasn't even the scariest part. The non exsistant traps, began to rise and thicken along with her chest, the cheap sleeveless medical gown they had her in grew tighter and tighter until there was just an explosion of fabricy paper all around her. Her traps were now almost touching her ears and she had a bigger chest than most of professional wrestlers, except for the fact that she had DDs sitting atop of her frying an sized pecs. Next came the stomach, the flat, silky smooth plain suddenly grew into a trecheroush mountain range as ab after ab bubbled up beneath her skin, leaving 10 rippling que ball sized ponds running from just under her massive chest to the upper threshold of her groin. I doubt a battering ram would do you any good against that wall of steel. Finally, came the the thin pencil legs. The formula turned her little twigs of thighs into massive oak trees. 19 inches to 34 inches, one thigh was the size of my waist. This was soon followed up by inflating calves, calves that were not even discernible became heart shaped diamonds bulging from their foundation, obscenely muscle visible even from the front.

Shortly after the growth finished, the subject stood up and kicked the door clear off of it's hinges with just one kick. You ask me why I didn't try to stop her? You don't pay me to be an idiot sir, you might want to call in the army, I'm thinking it will take a few tanks to reign her in.
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